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Pacific Institute Audio

Listen to Pacific Institute experts speak on the pressing issues of freshwater resources, climate change, and environmental justice.

International Water Expert Warns of Potential Risks from Coal Seam Gas Mining, featuring Peter Gleick (10/25/2011)

Heather Cooley on Reasons For and Against Desalination - Earth Sky Show, featuring Heather Cooley (8/4/2011)

Water Expert Peter Gleick and Houston's Bright Green Future - GreenSense Show, featuring Peter Gleick (7/24/2011)

Finally Some Decent Water News - Colorado Public Radio with Ryan Warner, featuring Michael Cohen in the discussion (7/6/2011)

Mississippi Floods and Climate Change - NPR's Science Friday with Ira Flatow, featuring Peter Gleick in the discussion (5/13/2010)

Can Simple Conservation Save Just as Much Water as Multi-Bilion Dollar Infrastructure Projects? - KPCC Southern California Radio with Patt Morrison, interview with Heather Cooley (9/8/2010)

What's next for the State's Water Bond - KQED News with Cy Musiker, interview with Peter Gleick (8/10/2010)

Water - Green Sense Radio Show with Robert Colangelo, interview with Heather Cooley (8/1/2010)

Bottled Water Blues - KQED Radio's Forum with Michael Krasny, interview with Peter Gleick (7/7/2010)

War on Tap: America's Obsession with Bottled Water
- NPR's Fresh Air with Terry Gross, interview with Peter Gleick (5/17/2010)

Peter Gleick on water and conflict: Las guerras por el agua ya empezaron - en Español and in English, Radio Nacional de Colombia (10/2009)

Según Peter Gleick el mundo enfrenta una crisis de agua, Cielo y Tierra (6/2009)

Matt Heberger on California water issues and the current drought, City Visions Radio, KALW 91.7 San Francisco (3/2/2009)

Meena Palaniappan on "peak" water and international water issues, Living Room, KPFA (6/19/2008)

Peter Gleick on climate change and its effects on health, Health Matters, KQED (6/19/2008)

Peter Gleick on "Blue Gold" - Is water becoming the oil of the 21st Century, Radio Times, WHYY Radio, Philadelphia (6/16/2008)

Peter Gleick on International Water and Conflict, International Studies Association Annual Convention (5/12/2008)

Peter Gleick on East Bay Water Rationing, Forum, KQED (5/13/2008)

Western Water Roundtable, Sunset Magazine (2/23/2008)
Sunset's panel of experts debate climate change, rivers, showerheads, lawns, and making the best use of the water we've got.

Are Current Water Policies Leaving Us High and Dry? The Las Vegas Perspective, NPR: Justice Talks (2/11/2008)

Climate Change and California's Water-Part 7: Getting Ready, The California Report, KQED (2/11/2008)

Peter Gleick Reports on a Looming Water Crisis, NPR: Fresh Air (11/27/2007)

Water Rights: No Clear Solution, National Radio Project (10/31/2007)

Are water wars in our future?, Minnesota Public Radio (8/29/2007)

Underground Lakebed Sparks Hope for Darfur, All Things Considered, NPR (7/31/2007)

Oakland Streets Stand in for Freeways, KQED Public Radio (05/02/2007)

Peter Gleick: The Fate of Billions Without Safe Water, Air America Radio (3/26/2007)


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