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Water and Sustainability

Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice

Economic Globalization and the Environment

Environment and Security

Global Change

Water and Sustainability

[7/13/11] Q and A with Peter Gleick in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

[4/09/10] Gleick's New Book Looks at The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water

[7/22/09] New Report: Sustaining California Agriculture in an Uncertain Future

[6/22/09] Gleick, U.S. Experts Call for Crucial Climate Action and Leadership

[6/18/09] Cooley Testifies Before Congress on Climate Change Impacts on Agriculture

[4/28/09] Gleick Joins the Blogosphere with "Water Numbers"

[4/16/09] EPA Honors Pacific Institute for Work on Water Conservation and Efficiency in California

[3/11/09] New Study Finds Impacts of Sea-Level Rise Threaten California Coast

[3/10/09] Gleick Testifies Before Senate on Integrating Water and Energy Policy

[3/04/09] Gleick Testifies Before Congress on Need for Integrated National Water Actions

[2/24/09] New Study Reports Bottled Water Use Up To 2000 Times More Energy Intensive than Tap

[2/05/09] Peter Gleick Discusses “Peak Water,” China’s Water Crisis, Climate Change Impacts

[1/28/09] Institute Responds To Misconceptions About Agricultural Water Conservation

[1/13/09] Peak Water, China’s Water Crisis, Climate Change Impacts among Pressing Topics Examined by Pacific Institute

[1/08/09] Gleick Addresses Congress on Climate and Water Policy

[11/05/08] Institute Comments on EPA's Decision to Not Regulate Perchlorate in Drinking Water

[10/10/08] Water: Threats and Opportunities--Recommendations for the Next President

[9/08/08] New Report Finds Agricultural Water Conservation and Efficiency Can Help Delta

[9/26/08] Gleick responds to San Joaquin River Exchange Contractors Water Authority

[9/08/08] Gleick: Water for Food

[9/08/08] Opinion: California can grow more food AND take less water from the delta

[6/01/08] Gleick in Sacramento Bee: State Needs Aggressive Water Solutions

[5/07/08] May 2008 Update: Human Right To Water, WASH Report, More

[5/01/08] Oakland Research Matters in South African Water Decision

[4/18/08] Peter Gleick to Deliver National Academies’ Wolman Lecture

[2/10/08] Cooley in LA Times: Every Drop Counts

[2/07/08] February 2008 Online Update: For Love of Water

[1/22/08] China faces reign of sand: Circle of Blue reports on Inner Mongolia’s expanding desert

[1/14/08] 2007 Institute Year in Review

[1/09/08] January 2008 Online Update: New Year, New Case Study, New(s) letter

[1/07/08] Gleick in LA Times: Rethinking water makes drops in bucket for California

[12/07/07] December 2007 Online Update: Freshwater From Atlanta to Vegas, EJ Win, and More

[11/27/07] Gleick Talks U.S. Fresh Water on NPR's 'Fresh Air'

[11/14/07] In light of impending water crisis, Atlanta analysis takes on new meaning

[11/07/07] November 2007 Online Update: Oasis in Vegas, Awards All Around, Institute Hiring and More

[11/01/07] Las Vegas Sitting on ‘Hidden Oasis’ of Wasted Water

[10/17/07] Statement from Dr. Peter Gleick: Pacific Institute Applauds Nobel Prize in Field of Climate Science

[10/12/07] October 2007 Online Update: New Commissioner, New Report, New Opportunity and More

[9/14/07] September 2007 Online Update: 20 Years of Groundbreaking Work

[9/09/07] Turning The Delta Ruling into Opportunity

[8/19/07] Salton Sea - A Time For Action

[8/14/07] August 2007 Online Update: Water: Cool, Clear, Bottled, Wasted, Discussed

[8/13/07] Saving Water Makes Cents for Valley Businesses

[8/02/07] Bottled Water in U.S. Consumes 17 Million Barrels of Oil

[7/31/07] Institute Analyzes San Francisco Water Demand Projections

[7/22/07] Panic Makes Poor Water Policy

[7/11/07] July 2007 Online Update: Aug. Water Series; Online Library Welcomes Additions

[7/06/07] Commonwealth Club & Institute announce August water series

[7/02/07] Institute testifies at Congressional Bay-Delta hearing

[6/21/07] Now on-line: "El derecho humano al agua"

[6/07/07] June 2007 Online Update: Hummer vs. Prius, Fish vs. Whales, and More

[5/31/07] The fish and the whales: A tail of near-extinction

[5/30/07] Gleick testifies on coastal, water impacts of climate change

[5/25/07] Salton Sea Coalition Urges Immediate Action to Save Salton Sea

[4/05/07] Online Update: World's Water; YouTube does Diesel; Tap the New Bottled; Cherry-Picking

[3/22/07] On World Water Day, the Solutions Are Here

[3/20/07] Yuma Desalting Plant Test-Run Marks Historic Accord

[3/13/07] 'Financing Models for Water Supply and Sanitation' Now Online

[3/07/07] Online Update: Desal on YouTube; Calif. Water; EJ in the Bay

[2/15/07] Institute Comments on Drop 2 Colorado River Reservoir Project

[2/07/07] Online Update: Salton Sea, CSR Survey, Water Setbacks

[1/16/07] Institute Submits Comments on Salton Sea Draft PEIR

[1/09/07] Calif. Taxpayers Shouldn’t Give a Dam, Much Less Two

[1/07/07] U.S. dumps state plan for saving water

[12/05/06] Online Update: World's Water turns 10; Attacks on Science; Career Opportunities

[11/28/06] Salton Sea Ecosystem Restoration Program Announces Statewide Public Workshops

[11/09/06] Online Update: The World's Water; Salton Sea; Job Opportunities

[10/28/06] The best plan for the Salton Sea is yet to come

[10/19/06] Salton Sea Advocates Grade California’s Restoration Plans for the Sea

[10/12/06] Flushing Water and Money Down the Drain

[8/24/06] Institute President Discusses World's Water on CNBC's "Morning Call"

[8/18/06] Gleick Discusses Desalination on A World of Possibilities radio program

[6/27/06] Institute Issues New Report on Desalination, California

[5/24/06] Pacific Institute Director Appointed to State Water Board

[5/16/06] New Report: Restoration Project Critical to Salton Sea’s Future

[4/25/06] Institute President Elected to US National Academy of Sciences

[4/25/06] CA Assembly Committee Approves Important Water Efficiency Bill

[2/14/06] Schwarzenegger’s Romance with New Water Sources Misguided

[1/31/06] California Water Plan: A Step in the Right Direction, but Too Tentative

[1/25/06] Diary: What Would Gandhi Do?

[1/13/06] Diary: Counting Toilets in the New Millennium

[1/11/06] Diary: Searching for the Holy Grail in Chennai, India

[12/28/05] Water Troubles in India, a Diary Entry from Chennai

[12/21/05] New Report Helps Water Managers to Look 'Beyond Privatization'

[12/08/05] CUWCC Recognize Gleick, Institute for Water Leadership

[11/28/05] Pacific Institute Calls for New Streamgages in Colorado River

[9/13/05] New Report Details Sustainable Vision for California Water

[8/24/05] Institute Launches Searchable Water and Conflict Bibliography

[8/22/05] Climate Change and California Water: Revised Report Summarizes Threats

[7/28/05] Pacific Institute proposes conservation-based approach to meet demands on the lower Colorado River

[7/21/05] Gleick at ENN: Let the Real Climate Debate Begin -- Time to Focus on Solutions

[5/31/05] Gleick's May ENN Column on Hybrid Cars: Good Technology That's Fun to Drive

[5/17/05] Institute Calls for New "Water for Schools Initiative"

[4/19/05] Gary Wolff Appointed to San Francisco Regional Water Control Board

[4/18/05] Gleick's April ENN Column, "The Color of Water," Looks at U.S. Water Politics

[3/11/05] New report Evaluates Salton Sea IWMP (North Lake Plan)

[3/03/05] California's Water Resources Threatened, Gleick Testifies in Sacramento

[3/03/05] Institute Responds to Error Filled Attack Against CVP Essay

[3/01/05] Gleick Op-Ed Decries Unsustainable Federal Water Subsidies to Central Valley Project

[2/17/05] New Article Looks at Global Water Crisis and Foreign Policy

[2/10/05] Bush Plan to Cut Clean Water Fund Called Unwise

[2/08/05] New Report Creates "Win-Win" Plan to Reward Clean Farmers, Reduce Pesticide Use

[1/20/05] Pacific Institute Responds to International Bottled Water Association

[1/05/05] Gleick Op-Ed: After Tsunami Disaster, Water Crisis Will Remain

[12/08/04] Water to Air Models: New Tools for California Water Managers

[8/24/04] Report: "Energy Down the Drain" Examines Water-Energy Nexus

[3/11/04] U.S. Per Capita Water Use Falls to 1950s Levels

[11/18/03] "Waste Not, Want Not Finds California Can Cut Urban Water Usage by 1/3"

[3/01/03] Water and Climate Bibliography Gives Researchers New Tool

[12/20/02] Fact Sheet on the IID-San Diego Water Transfer Now Available

[12/11/02] San Diego-IID Water Transfer: Salton Sea Threatened by IID Vote

[11/20/02] San Diego-IID Water Transfer: Water Grab Enrages Environmentalists

[1/25/02] Report Looks at New Threats to the World's Freshwater

[12/01/01] Salton Sea Improvement Plan Now Online

[11/10/01] New Report Tracks Uses and Flows of Colorado River Delta Region

[9/14/01] Colorado River Needs More Water

[8/28/01] Pacific Institute Finds Cadiz Water Project Not Economically Sound

[12/15/00] Water: Potential Impacts of Climate Change [Word Document]

[1/13/00] Institute Questions Approach of Salton Sea EIS/EIR

[11/15/99] Institute Sponsors Workshop on the Future of the Colorado River Basin

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Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice

[2/04/09] New Report Finds Enormous Health Costs from Port of Oakland Trucking System

[10/09/08] New Report Looks at Tax Revenue from Chevron

[4/07/08] April 2008 Update: Spring Cleaning: River and Air

[11/21/07] Consider air pollution in Trade Corridor Improvement Fund spending (PDF)

[5/09/07] Online Update: Freeway Collapse, Corp. Water Reporting, more

[5/03/07] More than a Detour: West Oakland's Environmental History

[1/16/07] West Oakland Community Meeting: Health Risks of Diesel Soot

[11/14/06] Cleaning Up Freight Transport Pollution Costs Pennies, Saves Billions

[10/13/06] Oct. Online Update: Inst. Welcomes Program Director; FRP, CSR, & NGOs

[6/21/06] West County Crematorium: More Information on Air Pollution

[2/03/06] Diary: Smelling Like Petrol

[1/23/06] Diary: Happy Pongal!

[10/18/05] Institute, Collaborative Refuse to 'Sit Idle' on Diesel Exhaust

[7/18/05] New Report: Solutions Abound to Diesel Pollution in Contra Costa, California

[11/15/03] New Report on Diesel Pollution: West Oakland Breathes Too Much Pollution

[4/02/03] "Research, Advocacy Help Shutter Major Polluter in West Oakland"

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Economic Globalization and the Environment

[7/07/09] Public Comment Session Now Open on Business Engagement in Water-Related Public Policy

[5/20/09] Institute, UN Global Compact Release New Report: Climate Change and Global Water Crisis: What Businesses Need to Know and Do

[3/11/09] Improved Corporate Water Reporting Needed Despite Progress in Recent Years

[2/26/09] Report Warns Businesses and Investors about Growing Water Scarcity Impacts from Climate Change

[6/10/08] Pacific Institute Works With U.N. on CEO Water Mandate

[9/19/07] New Report Guides Corporations on Water Trends, Risks

[5/02/07] "Corporate Reporting on Water" Reviews 11 Global Industries

[1/31/07] Institute Releases Analysis of CSR Landscape Survey

[6/15/06] "Remaining Drops" Business Water Risks Paper Now On-line

[4/26/06] The Role of Private Standards in Economic (PDF)

[2/03/05] Agreement Gives Public Access to Draft ISO Standards

[10/14/04] Who Develops ISO Standards? Report Surveys Participation in Standards Creation

[8/23/04] New Report: "Freshwater Resources: Managing the Risks Facing the Private Sector"

[3/25/04] Pacific Institute coauthors new MSWG report on using EMSs to communicate with stakeholders

[2/25/03] Pacific Institute Researchers Win Award for Sustainability Work

[3/16/00] New Report Suggests Environmental Management Systems Have Potential to Address Critical Environmental Issues

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Environment and Security

[6/08/06] Gleick Addresses Congress on Security Risks of Climate Change

[9/15/01] Institute Releases New Report on Environmental Terrorism

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Global Change

[3/10/06] Gleick Testifies on Climate Change at Town Hall Meeting

[12/29/05] On Truth, Fact, Values, Climate Change, and Doughnuts

[10/19/05] Gleick's October ENN Column, "Storm Warnings" Hurricanes, Development, and Climate Change

[8/11/05] Gleick Testifies on Impact of Climate Change on California's Water Future

[4/26/05] California Climate Change Bill Moves Forward With Institute Support

[3/25/04] "Science, Climate Change, and Censorship: The Pacific Institute, Patrick Michaels, and the science of climate change"

[2/14/02] Bush Plan on Global Warming Increases Dangers of Climate Change

[7/11/00] Institute Report Concludes that Climate Change May Be One of Gravest Threats to Whales this Century

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