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running_out_of_clean_water.jpgFeatured Media Hit

Earlier this month, officials in the South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu had to confront a pretty dire problem: they were running out of water. Due to a severe and lasting drought, water reserves in this country of 11,000 people had dwindled to just a few days' worth. Climate change plays a role here: as sea levels rose...

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Archived Media Hits

"Scientists’ letter to Congress exemplifies good climate communication" Climatide 2/04/11: Climate Change

"Viewpoints: State Needs More Storage Water - Underfoot" The Sacramento Bee 1/08/11: Water

"Desalination Boom Nears for Arid California, but Obstacles Remain" Reuters 12/15/10: Water

"Desert Southwest May Be First U.S. Victim of Climate Change" Scientific America 12/14/10: Water

"Greywater Report Looks at Wastewater's Potential" Los Angeles Times Greenspace Blog 11/23/10: Water

"Study suggests ways to save lots of water" Chico Entertprise Record 9/08/10: Water

"Producer's Notes: Going UP: Sea Level Rise in San Francisco Bay" KQED 8/24/10: Water

"Water Adds New Constraints to Power" New York Times 5/17/10: Water

"War On Tap: America's Obsession With Bottled Water" NPR 5/17/10: Water

"Despite Budget Woes, University Still Has Money for Bottled Water" New York Times 4/15/10: Water

"Según Peter Gleick el mundo enfrenta una crisis de agua" Cielo y Tierra 2/04/09: Water

"Oakland port truck pollution burdens public health, study says" San Jose Mercury News 2/04/09: Community

"Many of nation's green leaders from Bay Area" San Francisco Chronicle 1/31/09: Water

"Dying for a Drink" Time 12/04/08: water

"Gleick: The Value of Water" The Economist 10/06/08: Water

"The 2008 Smart List: 15 People the Next President Should Listen To featuring Peter Gleick" Wired Magazine 9/23/08: Water

"Study: Calif. Farmers can profit by saving water" Associated Press 9/08/08: Water

"Farmers can reduce water use, study says" Oakland Tribune 9/08/08: water

"Study finds California can cut farm water use" San Francisco Chronicle 9/08/08: Water

"Students surveying Richmond parks find sites suffering from poor upkeep" West County Times 7/28/08: Community

"Why don't we get our drinking water from the ocean by taking the salt out of seawater?" Scientific American 7/23/08: Water

"Water wise" Las Vegas Weekly 7/16/08: Water

"Drought in California Forces Farmers to Spend on `Fire Water'" Bloomberg 6/24/08: Water

"Idling trucks big contributors to air pollution" Oakland Tribune 6/22/08: Community

"Bee Exclusive: Capital gushes wasted water" Sacramento Bee 6/19/08: Water

"Tapping the oceans" The Economist 6/05/08: Water

"Is water becoming 'the new oil'?" The Christian Science Monitor 5/29/08: Water

"Water Wisdom: an interview with Peter Gleick" The American Prospect 5/27/08: Water

"Peter Gleick on East Bay Water Rationing [radio]" Forum, KQED 5/13/08: Water

"Bottles, bottles everywhere" MSN Green 5/08/08: Water

"A look at the desalination process [video]" ABC 7 News 5/02/08: Water

"East Bay water managers plan for drought" San Francisco Chronicle 4/24/08: Water

"Peak Water: Aquifers and Rivers Are Running Dry. How Three Regions Are Coping." Wired Magazine 4/21/08: Water

"Climate change may alter bay growth patterns" San Francisco Chronicle 4/18/08: Water

"Purification with a pinch of salt" Nature 3/20/08: Water

"Rising sales of bottled water trigger strong reaction from U.S. conservationists" International Herald Tribune 3/19/08: Water

"Melting Pace of Glaciers Is Accelerating, Report Says " New York Times 3/18/08: Water

"Debunking Desalination: The "Miracle Process" That Can't Cure the World's Water Woes" E Magazine 3/16/08: Water

"Troubles getting deeper for U.S., its fresh water supply" Detroit Free Press 3/16/08: Water

"Will Our Rivers Survive?" Sunset Magazine 2/23/08: Water

"Trucks to trains: Port's switch raises concerns" Alameda-Times Star 2/22/08: Community

"Green lawns could lead to brownouts" 2/14/08: Water

"Are Current Water Policies Leaving Us High and Dry? The Las Vegas Perspective [radio]" Justice Talks 2/11/08: Water

"Climate Change and California's Water-Part 7: Getting Ready [radio]" The California Report, KQED 2/11/08: Water

"Every Drop Counts" Los Angeles Times 2/10/08: Water

"The battle over bottled vs. tap water" Christian Science Monitor 1/17/08: Water

"Billions of drops in the bucket" Los Angeles Times 1/06/08: Water

"Time is running out to conserve water" San Francisco Chronicle 12/16/07: Water

"Peter Gleick Reports on a Looming Water Crisis [radio]" NPR's Fresh Air 11/27/07: Water

"We must learn to live within existing resources" Deseret Morning News 11/20/07: Water

"Water conservation a safe bet for Vegas" Deseret Morning News 11/16/07: Water

"Water banked: Letter to the editor by Taryn Hutchins-Cabibi, co-author of "Hidden Oasis: Water Conservation and Efficiency in Las Vegas"" Review Journal 11/10/07: Water

"A Hidden Oasis in Las Vegas's Water Waste" New York Times' Dot Earth 11/05/07: Water

"Groups say save water, don't draw more" Las Vegas Sun 11/02/07: Water

"Water Rights: No Clear Solution [radio]" National Radio Project 10/31/07: Water

"World water crisis [video]" CNN 10/27/07: Water

"California has enough water" Los Angeles Times 10/23/07: Water

"The Future is Drying Up" New York Times Magazine 10/21/07: Water

"Big rigs at Port of Oakland linked to health woes" San Francisco Chronicle 9/27/07: Communities

"Perilous Diesel [video]" KQED QUEST 9/20/07: Communities

"Editorial: Water conservation should be first on California legislative agenda" San Jose Mercury News 9/19/07: Water

"New reservoirs will not answer water challenges" Oakland Tribune 9/16/07: Water

"Water crisis squeezes California's economy" Christian Science Monitor 9/12/07: Water

"Turning Delta ruling into opportunity" Sacramento Bee 9/09/07: Water

"Less Delta water means dry times" Sacramento Bee 9/06/07: Water

"Perilous Diesel" KQED QUEST 9/04/07: Communities

"Are water wars in our future?" Minnesota Public Radio 8/29/07: Water

"Activists challenge port on truck pollution, jobs" Oakland Tribune 8/23/07: Communities

"Las Vegas growth depends on dwindling water supply" Reuters 8/21/07: Water

"The real cost of bottled water" The Age 8/19/07: Water

"Salton Sea-A time for action" San Francisco Chronicle 8/19/07: Water

"Saving water makes cents for valley businesses" San Jose Mercury News 8/13/07: Water

"'Fresh Water in the 21st Century' Duo outlines world's struggle for fresh drinking water" San Francisco Chronicle 8/02/07: Water

"City's PUC accused of water grab" San Francisco Chronicle 7/22/07: Water

"Underground Lakebed Sparks Hope for Darfur" All Things Considered, NPR 7/31/07: Water

"Water Wars in the West" On Point 6/20/07: Water

"A drought for the ages" USA Today 6/07/07: Water

"2007 ISO COPOLCO Workshop Asks: Can Consumers Rely On Fair Trade Claims?" American National Standards Institute 6/07/07: Globalization

"The Hummer vs. the Prius" San Francisco Chronicle 6/04/07: Integrity of Science

"The fish and the whales" San Francisco Chronicle 5/31/07: Water

"In West Oakland, a Second Freeway Collapse Threatens a Fragile Recovery" New York Times 5/18/07: Communities

"Corporate Water Reporting: Weak" Condé Naste Portfolio 4/21/07: Water

"Oakland Streets Stand in for Freeways" KQED Public Radio 5/02/07: Communities

"Sound Science in an Ideological Era" Lewis & Clark Law School 5/02/07: Integrity of Science

"Air quality crusader learned craft from the ground up" San Francisco Chronicle 4/24/07: Communities

"Support a phased approach to saving the sea" The Press-Entreprise 4/21/07: Water

"Whose water is it anyway?" Mail and Guardian Online 4/20/07: Water

"Thirst for bottled water may hurt environment" Seattle Post Intelligencer 4/19/07: Bottled Water

"Singing the desalination global warming paradox blues" Salon 4/18/07: Water

"Global warming may put U.S. in hot water" Associated Press 4/14/07: Climate Change

"The Future of Water in a Warmer World" The Enviroment Report 4/15/07: Water

"Wars For Water?" Newsweek International 4/16/07: Water

"Shortage of water is global crisis" Toledo Blade 4/15/07: Water

"Managing California's Natural Resources" San Francisco Chronicle 4/14/07: Water

"Study to affirm climate change warnings" Sacramento Bee 4/06/07: Climate Change

"Reports From Four Fronts in the War on Warming" New York Times 4/03/07: Climate Change

"Tapped: Peter Gleick" Outside Magazine 4/01/07: Water

"Peter Gleick: The Fate of Billions Without Safe Water" Air America Radio 3/26/07: Water

"Drying up of a riverine delta" The Daily Star 3/23/07: Water

"i on san francisco: Desalination in California" you tube 3/01/07: Water

"Interview with Peter Gleick" Meet the Planet 2/18/07: Water

" The U.N.’s Climate Change Report" KPCC’s Air Talk 2/02/07: Climate Change

"The World Responds to Climate Change - Part 1 - Part 2" Earth Beat Radio 2/02/07: Climate Change

"H2O Podcast" American Rivers Organization 2/01/07: Water

"Forces of Nature: Bay Area Micro Climates Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4" CBS 5 12/27/06: Climate Change

"Author Event: World's Water 2006-2007" Wilson Center 11/16/06: Water

"Port Pollution Coming Under Fire" KGO-ABC 7 11/14/06: Communities

"Saving the Salton Sea" KPCC 11/13/06: Water

"H2O Woes" PBS 10/30/06: Water

"Prop 84:Water Infrastructure Bond" California Report 10/18/06: Water

"Micro Pollution Panel" Common Wealth Club-KQED 9/01/06: Communities

"The Global Politics of Water" To the Point 8/24/06: Water

"Waves of Change, Rivers of Doubt: Global Water Issues and Solutions" Making Contact 8/23/06: Water

"Sipping Sea Water: Desalination in a Thirsty World" A World of Possibilities 8/15/06: Water

"The Complicated Task of Saving the Salton Sea" California Report 8/10/06: Water

"The Water Cycle and Global Climate Change" 7th Wave Network 8/03/06: Water

"Water: What's the Question?" Women matter radio 8/01/06: Water

"Water: is it the next oil?" Wisconsin Public Radio 6/04/06: Water

"Is Water a Human Right?" KQED 3/22/06: Water

"Port of Oakland Story" KPFA 3/06/06: Communities

"Terra Verde Interview with Michael Cohen on the Salton Sea" KPFA-Berkeley 2/17/06: Water

"Interview on Port Pollution" KPFA 2/01/06: Communities

"No title" KPFA Morning Show 11/29/05: Climate Change

"Water is major global issue in this century" Earth and Sky Radio Series 5/25/05: Water

"Earth’s Fresh Water: who’s in charge?" Earth and Sky Radio Series 3/01/05: Water

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