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For Immediate Release: April 28, 2009

Peter Gleick Joins the Blogosphere

"Water by the Numbers" from World-renowned Expert

Read and discuss everything water with internationally renowned expert Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute, on his new blog.

Featured on City Brights, the San Francisco Chronicle's luminary blogger site, Gleick explores the water challenges facing California, the West, and our world. Follow along as he discusses the threats to our freshwater resources and viable solutions to those threats, drawing from not only his experiences and viewpoint, but also by way of numbers: each post will include an important, unusual, or newsworthy "water number" that will highlight some piece of the water issue.

The human right to water, water and sanitation, agricultural water use, water for food, and more are just a few of the early topics discussed.

Click to check it out or join the conversation:

Be sure to follow the's going to get interesting!


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Nancy Ross
Pacific Institute

Water by the Numbers:
Peter Gleick's New Blog