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Energy Down the Drain: The Hidden Costs of California's Water Supply

[8/24/04] As California's electricity demand sets record highs and the Southwest is parched by drought, a new report by the Pacific Institute and the NRDC shows the hidden connection between energy and water.

"With power shortages and a water scarcity a constant threat across the West, it's time to look at water and energy in a new way," said Dr. Gary Wolff a co-author of the report and Principal Economist and Engineer with the Pacific Institute. "But too often, policy makers and water and energy experts ignore the links. The good news is we can reduce our energy use, cut air pollution and create new energy supplies with cost-effective improvements to water efficiency."

Read full press release or download the report (775 KB PDF).

[12/6/04] Read the Pacific Institute's response to the California Farm Water Coalition's criticism of our report.

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Download "Energy Down the Drain" (775 KB PDF)


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