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The Pacific Institute has released five new case studies and four new interviews, adding to their California Farm Water Success Stories series, which document how agricultural water stewardship practices are at work on-the-ground, at the farm and irrigation district level. Ten short video interviews offer first-person insights from these innovative water managers.

In addition to the success stories, the Pacific Institute and other members of the California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply have launched an Interactive Database and Map which contains more than 30 case studies, including the Pacific Institute’s success stories, and is searchable by location, production type, irrigation method, and stewardship practice.

Download the California Farm Water Success Stories:

dotGroundwater Management in Pajaro Valley* dotVegetated Waterways and Riparian Restoration*
dotIntegrated Regional Water Management* dotVolumetric Pricing and Conjunctive Use*
dotUrban Agriculture* dotGroundwater Banking
dotManaging for Multiple Benefits

dotSmart Irrigation Scheduling

dotIndustry-Driven Standards for Water Efficiency dotRecycled Water and Agriculture
dotImproved Communication, Monitoring, and Measurement dotState and Federal Funding
*New success stories, December 2011 (previous case studies from 2010).

“Farmers, irrigation districts, and local organizations are finding innovative ways to protect water quantity and quality, saving energy and saving money, augmenting stream flows, and storing water for inevitable drought periods,” said the Pacific Institute’s Dr. Juliet Christian-Smith, a member of the Roundtable. “To claim it can’t be done, or that there isn’t more we can do, just doesn’t make sense. These case studies show how, and are a great practical resource.”

The new Pacific Institute case studies illustrate:

  • effective water management through regional efforts (groundwater management in the Pajaro Valley and in the Kings Basin),
  • the advantages of volumetric water pricing (Alta Irrigation District);
  • how strong collaborations can lead to water quality improvements (Oakdale Ranch and Audubon California); and
  • how a range of rainwater capture, re-use, land management, and drip irrigation can transform urban agriculture (sustainable water management on urban farms).


California Farm Water Success Stories

Click the play button on the video above to watch the California Farm Water Success Stories main video.

Click to see all videos, including:

- Karen Ross, California Secretary of Agriculture
- Dan Balbas, Rieter Farms Grower
- Chris Kapheim, Alta Irrigation District
- David Orth, Kings River Conservation District
- Dale Huss, Sea Mist Farms
- Marcos Hedrick, Panoche District Water Master
- Craig McNamara, Sierra Orchards
- Tom Rogers, Almond grower



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Karen Ross - California Secretary of Agriculture

Dan Balbas - Rieter Farms Grower

John Stephens - Oakdale Ranch

Chris Kapheim - Alta Irrigation District

David Orth - Kings River Conservation District

Tom Rogers - Almond Grower

Dale Huss - Sea Mist Farms

Craig McNamara - Sierra Farms

TO SEE ALL VIDEOS -- click here.


Sustainable Water Management for Urban Agriculture

Groundwater Management in Pajaro Valley

Vegetated Waterways and Riparian Restoration

Integrated Regional Water Management: Kings Basin

Industry-Driven Standards for Water Efficiency

Volumetric Pricing and Conjunctive Use

Managing for Multiple Benefits

Smart Irrigation Scheduling

Groundwater Banking

Improved Communication, Monitoring, and Measurement

Recycled Water and Agriculture

State and Federal Funding Accelerates Efficiency

Pacific Institute Press Release

California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply Press Release (PDF)

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