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Ditching Dirty Diesel

Co-founded by the Pacific Institute in 2004, the Ditching Dirty Diesel Collaborative is comprised of Bay Area individuals and organizations working to reduce diesel pollution, particularly in low-income communities of color. The DDD Collaborative works to connect diesel-reduction advocates and build their capacity, support community-based organizations as they grow, affect systemic and long-term policy change, and raise public awareness.

The DDD Collaborative program work focuses on truck idling and freight transport. The Freight Transport Committee, coordinated by the Pacific Institute, is working to provide a regional environmental justice voice and perspective on statewide bodies and processes related to freight transportation, to build public awareness and action on freight transportation issues at a Bay Area regional scale, and to develop and publicize a comprehensive regional analysis of freight transport.

In addition, in 2008, the Idling Committee is working to educate truckers and residents about California's anti-idling laws, and is working with California air quality authorities to ensure the laws are being enforced.

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