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The CEO Water Mandate
The CEO Water Mandate launched its revamped website at in December 2011. The site features a new capacity-building platform developed in collaboration with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) that describes the many functions of corporate water assessment, identifies useful assessment tools, and evaluates the degree to which those tools are fit for purpose. Learn more about the CEO Water Mandate here.

CEO Water Mandate logoThe Pacific Institute has a formal agreement to work with the United Nations as the operational arm of The CEO Water Mandate.  This initiative--established under the auspices of the UN Global Compact--represents both a call to action and an actionable framework for companies around the world to advance toward water sustainability in their operations and supply chains. 

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and a group of committed businesses officially launched The CEO Water Mandate in 2007. Designed to assist companies in developing a comprehensive approach to water management, it addresses six core elements: Direct Operations, Supply Chain and Watershed Management, Collective Action, Public Policy, Community Engagement, and Transparency.  The initiative assists endorsers in their efforts on these elements through semi-annual multi-stakeholder dialogues, facilitation with partnerships, and the dissemination of existing and new tools as well as other best practice guidance resources. The Mandate now has over 50 endorsing companies from diverse geographic and sectoral backgrounds. 

The Mandate’s 2009-2010 work plan included: 1) the development of a Guide to Responsible Business Engagement with Water Policy, and 2) an exercise to determine the current state of water accounting methodologies and tools with support from UNEP, among other projects.

The public policy guide provides principles, concepts, practical steps, and case examples that can facilitate companies’ responsible engagement with water policy in a manner that reduces business risks while simultaneously advancing policy goals and positively impacting nearby communities and ecosystems. 

Jason Morrison serves as the Pacific Institute’s primary contact for the U.N.’s Global Compact Office, supporting with applied research, event organization, and other services for The CEO Water Mandate.  Click here for more information on the Mandate.

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