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Water Use in Business

The Pacific Institute's Water Use in Business Initiative seeks to bring attention to poorly understood business risks and opportunities relating to freshwater scarcity and to define and promote responsible water management in the private sector.

As freshwater resources become scarcer or polluted, businesses are increasingly finding themselves grappling with water constraints in various sourcing, production, and retail sites around the world.

From beverage companies to chip manufacturers, businesses are failing to prepare for the serious economic and political risks posed by growing competition for fresh water, the threat of water contamination, and rising water-related costs. These risks can lead to plant closures, supply-chain disruptions, and public opposition to local business activities.

The Pacific Institute's Water Use in Business Initiative aims to:

  • Inform and educate businesses, the investment community, and civil society groups about the changing nature of freshwater resources and the growing risks that water problems pose.
  • Articulate a compelling and comprehensive set of best-practice responses that businesses and their stakeholders can undertake to address key emerging challenges relating to unsustainable water management and use.
  • Help define and standardize emerging responsible water management practices by business.

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Water Use in Business


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